Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've cried so much over the last year that every time I swear I can't possibly cry anymore. No food, no lights, no sanity. What about me and more importantly my child. Who's going to answer his cry if I can't. Can't find work, transportation or care. Can't find a resouce a way, so unfair. I should be angry I have every right to be.

Only I don't care enough to. I just want to be able to clothe, feed, provide shelter and love for my seed. I don't want hand outs, but I'll take them if I can't get my own. I'm not a thief but I want some things these known theives own. Bailout, run mouths, while you talk my child starves. While you talk I lose my lights, my job, my home. The state of care is that you don't care. It's not you in my shoes.

You don't look at your child fearing wheather or not they'll eat. You don't look at your spouse wondering where you'll sleep. You don't listen to people try and decied what you need. And your not stuck in my shoes fearing what tomorrows news will bring.
I wish you were me or could see what I see. I wish you were me as a mother looking at your child beg to eat. Most of all I wish you faced losing your home and beeing forced to sleep on streets. The struggles of this time are on the face of people like me

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