Thursday, August 19, 2010


Feels like sometimes, every second I change my mind. And I don't know why, it feels better when your by my side. I feel the lies, but the distance is hard to fight. I close my eyes, but your still on my mind.

Letting go, seems so easy. Staying close seems so easy. But I'm fighting all the way. If I go, if I stay it feels the same. My hearts insane. Letting go, of the way it use to be. Moving on, and making new memories. If I stay or go, boy your killing me. My hearts in pain. This loves insane.
I tell you to go, and we scream mean things. I hold you close, your my everything. Even the air taste sweet, when you lie with me. And when you are gone, I can barley breath. Love with you is an alcoholic dream, but when I awake I can't keep down a thing.
Boy I'll stay all night with you. Through the day's I'm staying true. But all the pain baby that we put us through. To walkaway would be the best thing we don't wanta do. I know sometimes every second I change my mind. But it just feels better when your by me side.

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