Thursday, November 11, 2010

Untrue love story

Verse1 The only thing I'm really scared of is loving you. Don't want to give my heart and then lose, my lover and friend. Never wanted this to begin, but when it did I couldn't leave you alone. You are my best friend and I'm scared of losing what we share. But neither one of us can just walk away.

Verse2 I want you more and more each day. It feels like this loves taking control of me. I'm out of control, telling you secrets untold, I'm revealing my soul. Pretty please, baby don't ever go. Just tell me one more time that we'll be okay. And just because we made love you won't run away.

Verse3 I never had something so complete. I never had a love that felt like it made me complete. I never realized how much more I had inside. I could never trust anyone else to come along and change my life. You made it so much better, I can't help wanting this forever.

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