Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dont dance

You don't dance with me anymore
You don't look at me like before
But I v still want you, I still adore
But you won't dance with me anymore

 No one has to say it.
I can tell,
I no longer have you
Under my spell.
When did she take you?
When had you fell,
Out of love with me?
Don't I treat you well?


I lay and pretend,
To be asleep.
Just to see how long
Til you leave.
When you stay at home
Fast asleep
I just lay close to you wondering

I hate to say remember when,
But here I go and start again.
Oh baby..... I miss you
All I sees a gohst
Cuz your so far
Its maddening that you have my heart
I wish you´d
Left your heart


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