Friday, May 1, 2009


v1 I'm wondering, I'm circling, don't really know where I should go. I'm looking, I'm searching, but it seems like nobody knows. Lost and confused, close friends with the blues. No clue what to do, I really don' t know. Left all alone, no one console's. I ask but don't know, what do I want.
And I can't lie to you. All I can promise is that I do. I love you and you, only you. All I can say, is that today and yesterday are all for you. I won't promise you forever, maybe one day we won't be together. But today, I can honestly say (I love you.)
v2 I know you, you know me, were as close as two can be. I want you, you need me. So it seems like were complete. But promises right now, won't come out of my mouth. I hope you understand how I want this to sound. So lets settle down and work us out.
v3 You are my heart,but I'm falling apart right now. I'm showing scars, that I hide till now. You say that you want the truth, I'm willing to share with you. Of all that you ask I'll be true, I'll say all to you.

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