Monday, May 11, 2009


v1 You have ears to hear me, my words flow through my lips. You spare time to deal with, what you take as just a trip. I admit sometimes, I can't help how I feel. But it's no excuse for you to run and play the field. Your so busy pretending like I don't already know, long ago I started losing hope.

So this last time you have to listen, and let your heart hear what I say. You don't even get another kiss, all your lies have caused this chasm to exist. I would be remiss if I didn't give you this last goodbye. You didn't listen when you had the chance, we broke at last and we can't get back. All this time a lie, how could I
v2 All this time I was lying, lying to myself. I kept on pretending, it was me and no one else. But other perfume, where abouts unknown. Girls call then hang up my phone. Letters you said were from years ago. I turned a blind eye, kept holding on. Till one day it slap me in my face, no longer could I look away.
v3 I remember season's past you must of split them with business trips you had. Christmas with she new years with me, but worst than anything. I saw your same eyes in baby you held holding her near by. All this time, how well you lied to hide a child so much like mine. Of your lies, you can't look at me and deny what I saw in baby's eyes.

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