Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't go

v1 Listen to me, hear what I'm saying. No arguments I need you to stay. Come closer now, your so far away. I need you so desperately I can't even think. No lose for the words, it's clearly defined, I am yours and you'll always be mine. No where can I go, unless I take you with me. You reside in my heart that's where you'll always be. No distance or time can ever demise, what we have built will always survive.

Just stay with me, where you need to be, or maybe just what I need. But I need you, I honestly knew, when we first meet eyes I'd always be true. Look what we've built and all when been through. You can't just leave me always loving you. No one will come close, I loved you the most. I'll only go on as a shadow or ghost, so don't go.
v2 You turn in your sleep, I'm lost and I'm weak. Just a simple caress you do so much to me. Were creeping around, we can't make a sound, the kids are asleep so are time is right now. Just hold me real close, I melt as you rose, I sway as you dip, with passion we kiss. Don't sleep half the nights, but still we get bye, I'm still sailing on clouds passing by. My heaven is this, my soul is our kids, my life's me and you, it needs you to exist.
v3 Hold on I know that your strong, so don't leave me weak. How could you ever leave. I'm fading with you, without you I'd lose what I thought I'd known would just be all wrong. You said we had forever, but a few years seems a lie. We met, we loved, we kissed, we hugged and with the blink of an eye I'm threatened with your good bye.... So why

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