Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Heart of Me(MJ goodbye)

You get to the heart of me, you have me showing everything. Nothing at all can I hide, you see straight inside, and you make it feel right. I wish I could love you more, cause nothing seems to cover the score. It still feels like your leading in bounds, you always gotta stay around, to get it closer in bound.

You know everything, things I use to hide for me. No secrets can remain, just a look at your face and I say everything. I was totally lost before you, and I never really even knew. Someone else controlling what I do, now everything I do I first think of you. Cause baby if it would make you cry, then baby I would rather die. I only want the smile's of you and I, that's what I need to get by. Just you in my life.

You are the song of my heart, you light my way in the dark, and you will always hold my heart. How could we ever part, each beat keeps us aloft. You are imprinted on my soul, if anyone else could see then they would truly know. The meaning of love, the feelings of life, the knowledge of hope and they would be strong. With my heart you will go on. With my love I can be strong. From your touch I can move on, your love is that strong, it keeps going on.

Still know, you are my heart. I may fall a little apart. 'Cause you truly saw me and you get to the heart of me.

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