Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It hurts. It hurts so bad I don't want to feel anything. Someone lied, words hurt. They can hurt worst than any physical blow. I hate that he made me hurt this bad. I never want to show that I feel anything again. People want to hurt you when they see how much you care. I care to much and I let them affect me to much. I'm infected and defective. I'm terrified to cry I don't want to give that to him. I refuse to give my pain away. No matter how bad it hurts it's mine and I won't share anymore of me. They don't deserve it and they probably never did. I will never make the mistake again of so easily giving myself to anyone. Not family, not friend, not anyone. You don't get to cause me so much pain and still get me to. If I lose, everyone loses the me I use to be. She can't live.

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