Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not A Game

It's not a game it's my heart I'm trying to give you more. In spite of what they saying I'm a prove that I can give you more.Your love is at my heart's core. Your the one I'm fighting for. Nothing on this earth, not even gravity's a stronger force. I know I ain't pass the course, in noway will I pass the torch. I was born a fighter and I'm staying on that noble course.

And I won't play stupid, my heart's been shot and it was not by cupid. I may lose a couple things, I'll give'm up if you I gain. Pay that price won't even worry about how I change. And so goes the story give me back my heart and you can keep all of the glory. I won't ask for stars or fame, unknown I will happily stay. Just thinking bout your face will keep me going in a mound of pain.

Loving whenever you say my name. And just that word will make a wave. Don't ask for much just want you to stay. They don't understand cause they don't feel the same. How you gone do it, let anybody take away or try to ruin. What we have is so inspired, and I just keep getting higher. In my past I may have been a liar, but now I give my all to you and to you I aspire.

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