Friday, September 11, 2009


Free me, feel me. I need escape, words flow, to ease the pain. Pain I know, pain is sowed into me, into my soul. I hurt, I ache. I anger, I rage. So, so lost. I know confused. I want be free, set me loose. So much energy within me flows. So much power waiting to explode. I know me, I know only a fraction of what I could be. So much more is in me. I am something to see.

Free me, feel me. I just don't know a way. I'm not powerless. You want to see me that way. I can be prideful with pain. I can be unaware of things I should praise. I don't want to fail, but I'm failing anyway. I don't wanta lose, but I lose everything. I don't wanta burn, but I am in flames. I need to escape, I need to know a way.

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