Thursday, June 25, 2009


v1 I'm running but going nowhere. Not lost but at a loss and I'm scared. wanta cry, but crying shows I care. Wanta be anywhere but here. Is it too much to want you to see, that I have wants and needs. But I guess I digress I just wanta flee

v2 So much to say I don't speak. In your mind that makes me weak. In no place to win I just lose, lady who sings of blues. Holding so dear what's inside, scared of the hurt there I hide. Don't want to much to be seen. Feel so unwashed and unclean. Feel so desperately unseen, a nightmarish dream.

v3 Feel so desperate and weak, is there no hope left for me. I'd die if I ever believed there was really no hope for me. I don't ask a sign, maybe to much I want time. Don't expect for to long to be fine, only hope there's one or two gems in my life.

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